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Electric Gates Lydgate

We can supply and install most types of gate motors, ram arms, articulated arms, sub-motors and more. We work close with BFT and together with your gate suppliers, we can custom-fit all gates and accessories to your exact requirements.

We can also add motors to existing gates. This is done by sending detailed drawings of gates to our supplier BFT, who can then advise us on the best motors available to suit your requirements.

We also supply electric locking magnets for further securing gates when closed. This then allows your gates to be opened by various methods, including remote key fobs, code numeric key pads, intercom voice panels, remote GSM from your smart device, exit loops buried underground and more.

All of our gates are protected by photo cell beam or pressure pads to prevent accidents or injuries, should a vehicle, person or object become trapped in the gate opening.

Electric Gates Lydgate

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